Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Astronaut and The Mermaid: the power of friendship

its March. 2017.
St. George City Concert in the Park, Cherie, Lyndy, and Tilby plus my favorite buddies. 
 Last year at this time, Cherie and I were polishing our tunes, about to launch our kickstarter.

Over the past 7 months that the album has existed, we have played some of the most fun shows in our hometowns but honestly, we haven't done a ton of promoting because we are in the delightful depths of motherhood. (birthday celebrations, sports, school projects, music lessons, cooking, cleaning, general keeping alive, raising humans situations.)

Salt Lake Release Show, Pat, Ryan, Colin, Cherie, Lyndy, Brett. 

 A few months ago, Cherie told me that she had thought of entering the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The idea came to her mind on the day that the competition was actually closing. ((universe/God/heart prompting))

Well, The Astronaut and the Mermaid was selected as a Grand Prize finalist. and Im just so grateful for her for taking the time to enter and also, I'm so grateful that this song will get the attention it deserves. This album is so special, for so many reasons, and I was feeling so down on myself for not having the time and energy to devote to sharing it.


CAn I share a few things that I wouldnt have survived (dramatic, i would have survived but it would have sucked way more) without friends.

On the VERY Day we launched the Kickstarter last Spring, I found out my whole family had lice. yep gross. One of the worst things I have experienced thus far in motherhood. I text Cherie about it while washing all of our bedding and clothes at the laundromat. She told me that she had been there and it was, in fact, super terrible. and her just understanding how hard it was made things a little better.

Then this fall, our downstairs bathroom flooded, and once again Cherie knew my pain. She sent me a blogpost of her traumatic flood experience, ( read about it here, its awful) I felt a little peace in the chaos because she knew exactly what I was going through.

I tend to be a bit of an introvert and I don't think to tell others about the hard stuff going on in my life. Maybe its because I feel like its my business and I dont want to burden others with my drama and maybe I want to appear like I have my shit together... but I so don't. Ive recognized in the last few months how important THE BUDDY SYSTEM project was to me last year. I struggled after Willow was born and having these songs to sing about motherhood and childhood cleared the fog of my postpartum depression. so THANK YOU. Thanks Cherie for being there, even though you are kinda far away, you are my astronaut mermaid ninja pirate hero forever. and thank you everyone who supported this project, with floods, and lice, and depression if I wouldnt have had this project to be a shining colorful highlight of the year, I dont think i would have made it. also this is a great first impression If you are just visiting my blog for the first time because of us winning the contest. Hi, Lets be friends.
Heres a photo of us, completely Lice free, in a newspaper article about our song and project
. you can read the article here. Thanks Brian Passey from the spectrum for a great write-up! Hooray for friends!!


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  2. Love this! I feel the same way. This year after having my 5th little person your CD helped me get through it all. Lice included. Oh yes! Thank you for making great music!

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