Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Greatest Adventure

Look at this wild pack of ragamuffin hillbillies!

These four are my greatest adventure, and I wrote them this song. we love to be in nature together.
ps, dont make fun of my toe shoes, they are awesome and you want some and I know it.;)
5 years ago. Crazy.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Yours and Mine

this song took three years to come together.
My Aunt Adriana asked me to write a song about how sometimes we don't recognize our own talents and how sometimes we don't feel very special, but we are! We are so incredibly special its incomprehensible! So,
I started off talking about how there are a million bajillion people in the world. 

"Like the sands of the sea, or the stars above me, im just one among a number without end.
A few lines of poetry, in a giant library, ready to give you all I am"

and then the lyrics took me in a direction I wasnt expecting. it turned into a sweet little song about unconditional love. 

"In a world where if its broken you can throw it all away, if the tide takes down the castle, it can be replaced" 

One of my Aunt Dran's incredible talents is loving in a way that makes you feel so special. I am one among a number of nieces, and nephews and so many cousins and she has always made me feel like I was so important to her, and that our love was somehow more meaningful and different. People that have this ability are extraordinary. and you are lucky if you know someone with this superpower. the kind of person that makes you feel that 

"There will never be another you and me, this pair is one of a kind, there never has been and there never will be a love like, yours and mine"

I had the first verse and chorus for a year and a half and for some reason I struggled finding the next verse. 
then The Buddy System project came into existence. I shared this song with Cherie and she knew it was a song about motherhood before I did.  
She took the next verse exactly where it needed to go. 
the love for our children is so unique. 
and the love for every special friend matters in multiple magical and important ways. each and every esoteric love story cant be compared to another. we are different, each snowflake, fingerprint, and poem.  

I hope you like this song that took awhile but came together at just the right time. I hope it reminds you of some one special. Im quite certain, it will.

PS, the instrumentation on this song is so perfect it makes my heart swim. I wanted it to be beachy and happy and Ryan Tilby is the Mer-Man!

PPS I just got back from the most amazing dream vacation with my family. We spent ten days with my dad and stepmom in Hawaii. And running on the beach, jumping over waves, building sand castles and rebuilding sand castles was heavenly. I sang this song the whole time.